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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

DenRus (St. Petersburg), Ltd. is an American tourism company, specializing in incoming/reception Services for foreign tourists, both individuals and groups, cruise passengers, arranging meetings and conventions, business travel, student travel, visiting friends and relatives, alumni and association travel, arranging concerts and performances for performing artists, bands and orchestras, etc. in brief, we are ready and capable to help any kind of visitors to Russia.

Checking further our web pages will provide you with details about our company and the variety of services we provide. Our customers say that we "provide the most complete basic information how to prepare for a trip to Russia". We are proud of our reputation and look forward to helping you and welcoming you to Russia. We operate under Western business practices, guarantee the accuracy and quality of our services, accept several forms of payments, including credit cards, and you do not have to be worried about refunds, in case you didn't receive the services you were expecting and paid for.